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The possibilities of application of rubber pads are wide. This type of pads can be used in many applications, such as protection of the floor from damage, as soundproofing or shock absorbing elements. Where the pads are to be used and what material they are to be made of depends only on your needs. The employees of our company will advise you. We try to adapt the offer to the needs of our customers.

rubber washers

What kind of rubber we produce shims from

In our offer we have several types of rubber from which we produce rubber washers. The possibility of producing shims with different technical parameters allows us to use them widely and exactly match the environment in which they will work.

The following types of rubber are available to our customers:

SBR rubber washers – that is, general-purpose rubber, it is a wear-resistant rubber. Ideal for use on production halls, in carpentry shops, in warehouses and many other areas. We recommend the use of SBR pads indoors, due to the lack of resistance to harmful weather conditions. The temperature resistance range is: from -30 degrees C to +70 degrees C.
NBR rubber washers – that is, rubber for general use, but importantly with increased resistance to oil and grease. Washers made of this type of rubber are ideal for use in areas where they come into contact with, for example, oils. The temperature resistance range is: from -30 degrees C to +100 degrees C.
EPDM rubber washers – that is, rubber for general use, but its undoubted advantage is increased resistance to thermal aging. Washers of this type of rubber can be used at temperatures up to 100 degrees C. In addition, these rubbers can be used outdoors.

Production of rubber washers in Poland

Rubber washers can have different shapes, thicknesses and material structure (solid rubber, porous rubber, rubber reinforced with spacers) therefore their production requires appropriate tools and machinery. Our products are most often produced using plotters.

Cutting pads on a plotter is perfect for both large-scale production and smaller orders. At the same time, in each case we receive a precisely cut and repeatable product that meets the expectations of the ordering party. As an experienced manufacturer of rubber pads, we can also offer cutting in a different technology according to the customer’s needs and the specifics of a particular product.

What properties do rubber pads have

Taking into account the performance parameters of the semi-finished rubber sheets, the finished products produced from them in the form of washers have exactly the same or very similar properties. Below are the main characteristics:

  • working temperature up to 70stC
  • hardness of standard washers 50-80 ShA, standard 65 +/- 5 ShA
  • high flexibility
  • abrasion resistance
  • resistance to mechanical damage
  • color usually black

Rubber washers made to size

We have a flexible approach to all realizations and treat each customer individually. That is why we can produce products as small as one piece of the indicated size. Each rubber pad cut to order can have a different thickness, shape and type of rubber. Product prices are calculated individually, depending on the size of the order.

For detailed information, please contact our Sales Department. We will answer all your questions and prepare an offer as soon as possible, in the ordered goods will be delivered to the address indicated by the customer.