Production of rubber pads for balustrades

Rubber pads are used in many applications in various industries. Due to their versatile properties, resistance and protective, surface levelling functions, they are a very common choice for many of our customers.

Our company specialises in various types of realisations at the highest level. We are not afraid of difficult, demanding projects. We produce rubber pads to the customer’s dimensions and then deliver the finished elements throughout Poland and Europe in the shortest possible time.

Below, we will try to explain the benefits of using rubber pads under balustrades.

Production of rubber pads for balustradies

Customised balustrade pads

Our balustrade washers stand out in the market thanks to the highest quality rubber used in their production. Because of the top-class materials, we are able to guarantee our customers the strongest properties and a long service life of the components.

We sell personalised products, so you get a finished product that is directly suitable for use. This saves an enormous amount of time that would have to be spent on possible alterations and fitting cuts, plus it also reduces production costs.

Balustrade pad production – materials

Plastic pads for balustrades are items that secure and protect the surface. We can make them from several types of rubber. Each is slightly different and suitable for a different type of application.

EPDM rubber is highly resistant to all chemicals, and is additionally a highly elastic material that retains this property even down to -40°C. It is distinguished by the possibility of reversible deformation, i.e. changing shape under mechanical action and returning to its original state.

Foamed PCV is another frequently used material for balustrade pads. It is a great solution because its unusual internal structure and smooth surface allows the elements to be separated without any damage.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our qualified staff, who will be happy to answer all your questions and help you make the right choice.